SEO services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The really simple definition is: people finding their way to your website via an online search.

The process of optimising a website for Google, and other search engines, requires three basic steps:

  1. Identifying the real-world search terms that are relevant to your business/services.
  2. Incorporating those terms into both the plain wording and the behind the scenes mark-up of your website (it’s technical!).
  3. Gaining incoming links from external sources, i.e. your website needs to be mentioned on other websites.

That is a very simply summary. We’d be happy to explain more if you’re interested in the finer detail.

There are three kinds of results that appear on a Google search page:

  1. Google AdWords
    (This is paid advertising – aka ‘pay-per-click’)
  2. Google Business (aka Google map listings)
    (This is free and we will advise you about registering for this)
  3. Organic Search Results
    (These are the free, natural results, affected by your SEO)

The essential goal of SEO is for your website to appear on the first page of Google’s free, ‘organic’ results when someone searches for your relevant terms.

In order to know how your website is performing you will need the following information:

  1. How many times your website has been visited.
  2. How many are ‘returning’ visitors and how many are ‘unique’ visits.
  3. Where your visitors came from, i.e. direct (someone knowing your website address), a referral from another website or from a general web search.

All our clients receive a monthly Google analytics summary, which details all of the above.

Included as part of our web design service we will:

  1. Talk with you about your main keywords and aims.
  2. Incorporate your keywords strategy into the website build.
  3. Provide you with some valuable links from other websites to help get you started.

However… it is very important to note that no one can guarantee that your website will appear on Google’s first page (except for pay-per-click advertising). We will work with you on this, and also encourage you to gain some additional links, but you should also consider what other forms of promotion and advertising you will need.

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