Website costs

A high quality, professionally designed, effective website can be produced for very little cost. A small monthly fee provides: hosting, minor updates and some valuable boost in searches. The summary of costs below fully covers the vast majority of website needs.

A domain name needs to be purchased from an independent registrar and costs just a few pounds. If you don’t already own a domain name then let us help you with choosing and booking one. There’s no additional charge for our help with this.

COST: from £1

If you already have a professionally designed logo we will create your website in harmony with it. If you don’t have a properly designed logo yet then we can help you with this.

COST: from £45

For many small website needs the cost below is all that is required. Our fully professional, tailored website design service always comes with:

  • Modern clean design, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile friendly design.
  • Great communication, explanations and friendly helpfulness!
  • Speedy delivery (usually within one to two weeks).

COST: from £395

Most websites will make use of some stock photography or other stock graphics. These polished images will make a huge difference to the professional appearance of your site.

COST: approx. £10-£20

Your website will need to be hosted, backed up and occasionally updated, for technical and security reasons. It is also likely that you will require, at the least, an occasional minor update of the text or other content. Your site will also benefit from the online links we provide (see SEO services) and you will receive a monthly analytics report.

COST: £25pcm

(If your website requires more frequent/significant updates we will discuss these needs, and any possible costs, with you at the outset).

All costs will be fully explained at the outset and you will receive an invoice for 50% of the main fee at the start. This invoice will list ALL costs involved in detail and the balance will be requested once the web design is complete.

You will never be surprised by some unexpected fee in addition to the summary above.

(We do not charge VAT as our business operates under this threshold).

Website Costs